SAFEWAY Philosophy

People see things from different viewpoints and through their own filters and experiences. Safeway door is always open to improve on existing systems or practices, or whether it is to propose new ideas. Only through such a culture of openness can we maximize the creativity and value of our people. Based on such open communication and discussion as a team, Safeway can overcome with innovative solutions to existing problems, which gives us the ability to enhance or improve our system. Only then can we stay ahead of the competition. We try to own and shape our future and trust each other. Safeway has been developing safe and sustainable solutions for the challenges arising from safety and quality. Our focus is on desirable service to customers, achieving success and constantly enhancing customers, partners and staff satisfaction.

What We Do

Safeway Research Center (SRC) currently is a leading provider of safety services in Asia. Safeway serves the high quality services based on national and international standards and regulation. Safeway Research Center has its own laboratories and offices which deliver innovative and modified Testing, Auditing and Certification solutions to over qualifying of its customers.
We always do the right thing with precision, accuracy and also consistent steps to provide you safety and quality. We create sustainable growth for all. Our Purpose is bringing quality and safety among man, environment and technology.

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SAFEWAY Logo Definition

We attempt to reflect our brand as a customer service with total safety and quality. We design a new logo that reflects technology, progress, and health. Our brand color is red – the color of excitement and progress, which promotes safety and try to be the best. The other color is white which give you peace and trust of quality, while the 3 waves under the logo represent a technical examination. In addition, the plus sign represents the incorporation of customer and Safeway to achieve more quality. This logo is a mark of safety and quality tested by an independent and organization.
But behind of our logo, there is a pathway which gives you safety, precision, quality, peace and more clients. All of above mentioned enabling our customers to power ahead safely with more financial advantages. Our physical quality control is carried out through Testing, Auditing and Certification services and also our quality control confirms that operating procedures and systems are functioning properly.

SAFEWAY Assurance

SAFEWAY improve your quality and safety over standard testing and regulations. By SAFEWAY quality control you can guarantee your products 100% compared to other quality control systems.

Quality in a product or service is not what the supplier puts in. It is what the customer gets out and is willing to pay for.