Surprisingly Transparent. The SAFEWAY Test Mark

The Safeway report 2016, a representative population survey from Novemver 2016, shows that:
One out of two consumers pays attention to test marks when shopping.
For half of the consumers asked in the survey, test marks are relevant for a targeted purchase decision.
Test marks are of equal importance for almost all retail sectors, but particularly in the areas of toys, household goods, articles for children, sport & leisure and tools.

Consumers demand clear test marks...

- The impartiality and independence of which they can trust.
- That have a high informative value.
- That quickly and transparently display test contents and results.

The Safeway test mark
surprisingly flexible and versatile

Your test mark can be easily and effectively integrated into your corporate communications.
For product certifications:

  • On products and packaging
  • On hang tags
  • On websites and web banners
  • In conventional print advertising

With the Safeway Test Mark and Certipedias

For years, the Safeway test mark has been impressing manufacturers, retailers and consumers alike with its well-thought-out functions. For a long time, it has been a valuable orientation aid and is strengthening the trust in brands and markets. Impartial, independent and trustworthy, it offers access to your test contents everywhere and at any time.

  • With individual test mark ID numbers
  • With an impartial, easy-to-find references
  • Gives you confidence that you have "passed through the chairs
  • And with an integrated QR code
  • Will enable you to make more money

Together with Certipedia, the digital certificate database, it forms a reliable system of test mark statement, reference and proof of certification

  • Certipedia is an ideal reference. It shows certificates, test contents and products to the consumer in an impartial and independent way.
  • It offers manufacturers an easy access to all their test marks and their variants (easy online download of test marks), and a quick overview over tested and certified products, systems and persons at all times.
Improved Safety
The new test mark, which is effective immediately, incorporates various safety features which have enormous relevance for both the SAFEWAY Group and for our customers. With the combination of an updated design, meaningful keywords and QR codes, it will now be possible to quickly verify the information represented by the SAFEWAY test mark.

Questions like "Is that mark genuine?", "Are all of the details correct?" or "Was the product/service ever really inspected?" can now be answered in a matter of seconds – an innovation that will help everyone, from our own auditors, to users of our test mark, to consumers, customs and law enforcement authorities. As only one test mark is now valid, it is possible to establish beyond doubt, and at any time, whether the mark is authentic and what it represents.

Our customers can rest assured that wherever our certification mark is shown, we tested the product according to strict criteria, and that there is no chance of product piracy, for instance. For this very reason, our new certification mark is also a clear signal to our customers that they can be sure of having chosen the right inspection authority.
Greater Transparency
The new design of our certification mark also provides the highest possible degree of transparency, directly and without ambiguity. This has been achieved in a number of ways. With the help of modern means of communication, consumers have become used to being able to find out about products, raw materials, manufacturers, manufacturing processes and working conditions anytime, anywhere.

This has been taken into account in the design of Safeway's new test mark. With the QR code, it is now possible to check all of the information represented by our test mark, such as how the product was tested, what quality standards have been met and what information is required to use the product, or what quality management system was implemented by the company concerned and what this means for the consumer. Our public certification database contains all data regarding inspected products and our related services. The database is also set to be optimized for mobile devices in the near future.

This is both of great interest and increasing relevance to end-users. Indeed, studies carried out by renowned business information systems institutes indicate that the use and consumer acceptance of Quick Response codes (QR codes) is increasing exponentially, whilst barriers to their use are gradually disappearing. The following statistic is a good illustration of this: in 2009, around 24 per cent of all German smartphone users had a QR reader on their phone – but in 2010, this figure had more than doubled to 52 per cent.
Enhanced Advertising Value

The SAFEWAY test mark is demonstrably the most recognisable test mark, and as far as advertising value is concerned, B2B and B2C customers are reaping particularly significant benefits. Indeed, the square shape of our new test mark is unique and we can therefore claim the design as ours alone – meaning that in future, even with just a cursory glance, the mark will evoke SAFEWAY and all of its positive associations.